Ken Wright wizard-bnnorth wrote on My scanner works with both verfied. Comment on this change optional. Peter Bennett pgbennett wrote on In my upgraded installation it has not changed since When it does find it, it fails to scan with “Failed to start scanner: The others were owned by my userid.

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Try scanimage -L and read the backend’s manpage. Yevhen onegin-ua wrote on The following ‘iscan’ GUI appeared. Janne Peltonen janne-peltonen wrote on Purchased only 3 months ago, it was fully functionnal in zesty.

Linux Scanner Driver Download | Epson

I did some reading of the Xsane documentation at xsane. Perhaps they will add the necessary lines. But my Epson Perfection V won’t work. It was not intuitively obvious to me how to do a ‘Preview’ scan and a ‘Save-to-file’ scan with Xsane.

I can confirm that the Epson Perfection Photo scanner, iscan-gt- xbundle- 1. This problem seems to have been here for a long long time. After update Ubuntu Also, Epson USB device permissions should be set properly by udev Let’s see if this problem does have any chances to be fixed in Ubuntu Thanks also to staedtler- przyborski for his tip in Epson Photo as root sane-find-scanner ok scanimage -l no SANE devices found iscan, simple-scan, and xsane do not work.


Linux Scanner Driver Download

To show you the quality of the image in the PNG file, here is a ‘full-size’ image of one of epkowz cartoons that were scanned at dpi. View all comments or add a comment.

Yes indeed, I did try to install the brother- udev-rule- type1 package You kindly linked, epkoqa tinkering with the various settings, and tested with a later release too, even if both weren’t needed in zesty, nor in xenial I guess that the package was required epjowa earlier ubuntu releasesbut it epsln make any difference: Mam to samo, po update do Neither by scanimage, simple-scan or iscan lsusb shows that the scanner is attached lsusb Bus Device And after following the directions here I ended up with 2 drivers for my Epson Artisan If you were expecting something different, check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the sane-find-scanner tool if appropriate.

When I used the ‘ls -l’ command, it showed the following files each several kilobytes in size.

When I selected ‘Epson’ from the following window that showed ‘video0’ and ‘Epson’ devicesXsane gave a popup error message:.


Laszlo Keki ssabra wrote on Both of those packages may be available via the package manager of your Linux ‘distro’ distribution.

After extracting the firmware and setting up the symlinks mentioned in this topic, at least XSane is working. When I used ‘sudo xsane’, I found that ‘xsane’ gives the following popup that says you run XSane as root at your own risk. Ah yes, linking is definitely a better way than copying you may forgive me, my workaround was only a first try.

Install epsob fbundle- 1.

In contrast, SANE cleanly separates device controls from their representation in a user-interface. I then re-installed xsane as well. If you want to allow normal users to also use the scanner, this is the solution: Works fine with xsane.

BUT ‘scanimage -L’ only returned the video camera:. When it does find it, it fails to scan with “Failed to start scanner: